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Welcome to Moodle for the 2018/2019 acadmic year

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Welcome to Moodle for the 2018/2019 acadmic year
by Sharon Strauss - Tuesday, May 1, 2018, 10:25 AM
Welcome to Moodle for the 2018/2019 acadmic year. You can find 2017/2018 courses at

You can find a video of new features at These new features include:

  • Updated dashboard page has tabs for current, future, and past courses, making it easier to see just those courses you are looking for.
  • Maximum file upload size increased to 250 MB.
  • Hidden course resources and activities are clearly marked with a small, purple, “Hidden from students” stamp.xVfw8HrBLCoRct42FyyWMpsXRglhOYMMmvjAwrhOuktwIejfMCKAdPnZCW1wM-5JifvZp6LfuhM_A3HnzOOBQd6iT1eNhpfNJQIsqr9uX1uakcF351e4O5Diyjhtn4qsVPy09lfa
  • The enrolled users menu is now better integrated into the Participants menu, making it easier to enroll TAs and others into your course. (Registered students are still added automatically.)
  • Moodle assignments have additional options. You can add a “remind me to grade by” date and time. You can also easily specify particular file submission types (e.g. pdf, docx, tex).
  • You can edit due dates by dropping and dragging activities in the course calendar.
  • Add and remove course sections directly on the course page—not in the course settings window.
  • Activity completion report now allows overrides.
  • Better mobile support, including updated apps for iOS and Android.
  • Upgraded to Moodle version 3.4.

See the new Moodle QUICK-START Instructions for Faculty  and start building your course sites for next year. We also have a longer Moodle tutorial, along with a video introduction, on our Moodle at Haverford web site.